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Creating an Account

Go to the www.aetheion.com website and select your preferred language (English or Spanish), currency, and products. Then click check out on the Account menu “Sign Up” or “Returning Customer”  complete on the checkout page.

This will take you to the registration page, please follow the steps below:

1. Fill in your information
First you must specify if you are a Private Person or a Business. Then continue to fill in all the required fields.

2. Select a Username
On the right side of the page you must enter the Username you would like to have (this Username must be unique, if someone else has already taken the one you selected, you will be asked to choose a different one).

You must also enter a password, which you will have to enter 2 times for security purposes.

We strongly suggest you save your Username and Password in a secure place, this will help you in case you cannot remember them in the future.

Once you have submitted all the previous information, you must enter the “Security Code”.

The Security Code is the numbers and letters shown directly above.

3. Accepting the Terms and Conditions
Accept the Terms and Conditions for Purchase by clicking the checkbox.

We advise you to read the Terms and Conditions.

To do this you must click “For Purchase” and this will take you to the User Agreement. If you do not accept the User Agreement, you may not create an account nor purchase any AETHEION products.

4. Open your Account
When you have completed everything, just click the gray “Sign Up” button located at the bottom left corner. This will finish the process and send you to the Product Catalog. You will also receive a confirmation email of your Consumer Account with ChemCream.

Making a Purchase
While on the www.chemcream.com website, go to the “Account Login” section located on the left side of the website, and enter your Username and Password. If you do not remember your username and/or password, please refer to the link Forgot your password?

1. Log In to your Account
Once you have logged in, go to the menu at the top and click “AETHEION products”. In this menu, you will see a catalog with the image, name, and price including tax for all AETHEION products. If you wish to view more details you can click on the product name.

2. Place your Order
When you are ready to place your order, you can add any product to your cart by clicking the blue button “Add to order”. Once you click it, you will see your current order, which will contain the product’s name, price, and quantity. You will also see the charges for shipping and tax based on your location (these prices change depending on your location, all addresses within Mexico require the IVA tax to be paid).

If you wish to delete one or more products from your order, you can click the red “X” located on the right side of each product. To add more products to your order, you can click the black button “continue” in the bottom right corner.

3. Confirm your Order
When you are ready to complete your purchase, click the green button “Checkout” also located in the bottom right corner. This will take you through the checkout process where you will first be prompted to submit your billing information and shipping address.

The shipping address determines the taxes, shipping, and insurance costs.

4. Select a Shipping Method
Choose the shipping method of your preference. When self shipping or picking up at a retail location, taxes must be assessed.

All “Pickup” orders must be received in the country of the retail location.

All international exportation (addresses outside of Mexico) purchases are exempt from IVA/tax, but require you to choose “DHL SHIPPING WORLDWIDE”.

Your home country may impose an importation duty/tax, these payment(s) are the responsibility of the purchaser.

5. Select a Payment Method
Choose your preferred Payment Method as a “Bank Transfer” or using a “PayPal Account” for all credit and debit card charges.

If you choose:

Bank Transfer, you will be given ChemCream’s banking information and your purchase will be completed when the transfer has been confirmed by a ChemCream representative.

PayPal is a secure international e-commerce solution allowing for payments and money transfers on the internet without providing financial information to ChemCream. If you do not have an existing PayPal account, you will need to create a Free account during Checkout.

PayPal allows you to pay ChemCream from any country using a MasterCard or Visa – Debit and Credit cards, confirming the shipping address with fraud protection for both parties.

6. Checkout
Click the green “Checkout” button in the bottom right corner.

This will update the final price for your verification. Here you may add more products by clicking the black “Continue” button located in the lower right corner, or if you are ready you may complete your order by clicking the green “Final Checkout” button, also located in the bottom right corner.

7. Payment Confirmation
If you selected Bank Transfer as a payment option, clicking the “Final Checkout” button will take you to view your confirmation receipt and the Banking Transfer Information for ChemCream. You must complete and confirm your payment by email before your order is shipped.

If you selected Paypal as a payment option, clicking the “Final Checkout” button will take you to ChemCream’s PayPal Gateway. You can then log in or create your PayPal account completing the payment process with your preference. When this is done, you will be taken back to the ChemCream website confirming your payment of the order.

Digital confirmation of your “Order Status” will be sent by email. When the product is shipped a tracking number and final receipt will be sent to the account’s registered email address.

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