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AETHEION® products are a revolutionary line of cosmetic products that harness the power of Redox Technology to reduce dehydration of the skin, improve the tone of complexion and promote healthy cell renewal.

Our products renew and regenerate your cells with every use, giving you healthier-looking skin in just weeks!

AETHEION® cosmetic products aim to increase oxidation-reduction, cleanse the skin, and provide essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Essentially, it seeks to reduce dehydration of the skin, improve the tone of complexion and promote healthy cell renewal.

Treat your skin to the ultimate in nourishment with powerful antioxidants.
Topical products can deliver daily benefits that improve the feel of your skin and its condition.

These innovative products fight free radicals and help increase elasticity—giving you a youthful appearance in moments!

2+ Topicals is perfect for your skin. Either you want nutritional lotion, body spray, or hand spray, we have what you are looking for with products that contain high-quality ingredients and the proprietary science of AETHEION®, Redox Technology. So help your skin today by picking up some 2+ Topicals!

You want your pets to be happy, healthy, and you want them to look good, too.
That’s why we created these pet care products for you because they deserve the best care possible from their owner, who loves them unconditionally. So give them what they need today!

AniViva® Animal products are a topical nutritional aid for your pet’s overall health, coat health, or your pet’s skin rash issues.

This product is environmentally friendly, most important oil and alcohol-free.

They are intended for veterinary use only with cats, dogs, horses, and all other animals.

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